All About Denture Relines

There are basically two (2) different types of denture relines.

  • A Hard permanent reline which can either be done here at the office with an office-cured plastic or else it can be sent to the dental laboratory and processed in a laboratory cured plastic. Due to the special processing, the laboratory reline tends to last longer. Unfortunately this will require taking your denture from you for a few days. Please try to coordinate this with the Appointment Coordinator so that you may be inconvenienced for as few days as possible
  • A Soft reline can be done here at the office or else it can be done at the laboratory in a more permanent fashion. The permanent type, lab processed, may last up to one year without having to be replaced. The office processed soft liner tends to be more fragile and will need to be removed and replaced with greater frequency.

Denture relines are necessary in order to accomplish several goals. These goals include:

  • Increasing retention of old, existing dentures or new dentures that, for one reason or another, have lost retention. Sometimes this may be due to recent extractions or alteration in the gum tissue due to other surgical procedures.
  • Repairs.
  • Relining of old dentures hoping to avoid the necessity of remaking them entirely.
  • Gum tissue conditioning which usually relies on the gentle action of soft tissue materials (soft liners) to allow your abused gum tissue to return to a proper state of health prior to the fabrication of new dentures.


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