Interplak™ Toothbrush

Your Personal Instructions

The Interplak™ toothbrush removes 98% of plaque with ten tufts moving both ways to help stop skating action( i.e. the toothbrush slipping off of your tooth ). The unit is four (4) times softer than the softest manual toothbrush. The shorter tufts are devised for cleaning the facial (outside of front teeth), buccal ( outside of back teeth), lingual ( inside of all teeth ); the longer tufts are for interproximal areas ( those areas in between teeth ); the whole top surface of the brush is for the occlusal ( biting ) surface. The Interplak™ should be used at a 90 degree angle. It has a bristle spraying action, in which the bristles contour to the teeth the 90 degree angle. This creates an extremely efficient cleaning surface. Various speeds are available for your use. We suggest the following:

  • Beginners and periodontal patients would be best to start on speed # 1.
  • Speed # 2 is for general use (with the thought in mind to work up to speed #3 gradually ).
  • Orthodontic and healthy gum tissue should use speed # 3. Speed #3 straddles the arch wire and helps prevent decalcifying deposits for orthodontic patients currently in braces.

NOTE: The Interplak™ has a Ni-Cad battery and four heads which are child proof, with a one year warranty on the head. Do not press hard when using the unit, as it stops the action. Do not hold the unit in a downward position, as this will also stop the action of the unit. There is a phone number (1-800-334-4031 ) on the back of the unit if you need assistance. CLEANING AND CARE OF THE INTERPLAKTM UNIT With proper care and maintenance, your Interplak™ unit should function well for many years to come. Please follow these instructions carefully:

  • Use speed # 3 when cleaning the unit.
  • Before each use place in warm water to wet the bristles . After each use be sure to run warm water through the back of the unit while it is in the ” on ” position through the holes for one (1) minute.
  • Once weekly, pour a small amount of mouthwash ( i.e. Scope™ Do not use Listerine™ ) that contains glycerin through the holes in the back of the unit ( This lubricates the gears ). Do not attempt to use oil, or any other substitute. The glycerin in the mouthwash acts as a lubricant.
  • Do not use regular toothpaste with this unit. It jams the gears of the Interplak™unit. Interplak™ supplies their own toothpaste with the unit.
  • Always dry the handle thoroughly before placing the unit back in the holder to prevent yellowing and rusting.
  • Always leave the unit charged.

Remember, daily and weekly maintenance of the InterplakR unit is important. We hope you find the Interplak™ to be a valued addition to your home care regime.


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